Myrrh Commiphora myrrha 15 ml


Myrrh Commiphora myrrha 15 ml


Part of the plant: resin
Recovery method: steam distillation
Description of the aroma: warm, smoke, herbal, woody, dry
Major chemicals: furanoeudes 1, 3-diene, curzerene

• soothes the skin; contributes to a smooth, youthful looking skin
• Helps emotional balance and comfort


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On ancient records, we can see that myrrh was considered so rare that its quantity sometimes paid off with the same weight of gold. Myrrh essential oil is obtained from the sticky resin of a small, thorny myrrh tree and has been used for centuries for its beneficial effects on the outside and inside of the body. Myrrh was used as a perfume, for exhale and for help in ancient times with health. It was also used in embalming and religious ceremonies. Myrrh has strong cleansing effects, especially on the mouth and throat. It also soothes the skin by applying it to its surface, helping to make it look smooth and youthful; while distracted, it promotes emotional balance and well-being.

• Add 1 to 2 drops to the toothpaste to improve the cleaning effect.
• Helps to improve attention and raise your mood.
• Add to the moisturizing cream to help reduce the appearance of both fine and more pronounced wrinkles.

Diffusion: Add 3 to 4 drops to your chosen diffuser
Use as a food additive: Add one drop to 125 ml of liquid.
Outdoor use: Mix 5 drops with 10 ml of base oil for massage. For the bath, mix 5 drops with 5 ml of base oil. Mix to create a perfume
1 drop with 10 drops of base oil.

Possibility of skin hypersensitivity. Keep out of reach of children. If you are pregnant, breastfeeding or under medical supervision, consult with your doctor. Avoid contact with eyes, inner ear, and other
sensitive areas.


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