Kansa massage


Kansa massage


Benefits of Kansa Massage: Reduces headache, tension, and stress, improves sleep, adds energy, helps tired and sore eyes, restores facial skin, minimizes fine wrinkles, revitalizes facial, shoulder, and neck muscles, detoxifies internal organs, reduces body and tissue acidity, regenerates tired feet, 100% natural use without chemistry for the whole family.


Kansa massage for mind, body and spirit, was created by Ayurveda, used for body and facial massages that are made with Kansa pestle. 100% natural use without chemistry for the whole family including children.
Kansa mallet is hand made of wood. Its round closed end is made of bronze, pure tin and copper. This mixture of metals is known in Ayurveda, the traditional healing system in India, as a “healing metal”.
The Kansa mallet handle is hand carved from wood. It is used in circular movements, by gentle stroking or by quick rubbing on the face, shoulders, areas of the neck as well as the whole body.
Combined with quality organic and essential massage oils, it provides a relaxing and comfortable feel and eliminates tissue acidity. Excessive presence of toxins in the skin may occur
to change skin color to gray or black, easy to wash.
The unique advantage of this massage is the delicate electrical conductivity of the bronze medal, which can explain how this therapy improves the body’s natural electrical balancing system.
Such tools have been used in India for centuries to strengthen health and strength and to increase energy and reduce the stress that is essential for optimum health and well-being.
 Kansa Massage unites the body, mind, and spirit.


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