Heart Wall


Heart Wall


Stranded emotions have mattered. Just like everything else, they are energized. In some cases, stranded emotions create a seat and occasionally settle in your heart and its surroundings.
Your subconscious mind, which knows no boundaries, in some cases uses the energy of these stranded emotions to create inhibition.
This literally protects your heart with a wall or wall of energy.

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Stuck emotions can create a wall around your heart that prevents you from living and living life to the full. When we experience painful experiences and our hearts hurt, the subconscious mind can organize excess energy in the body to create a barrier around the heart to protect us from pain. Captured emotions are the most common excess energy in the body for almost everyone. The subconscious uses them to build a heart wall. This self-palliative wall acts as a barrier that deprives us of the emotional pain that we might otherwise feel deep, but at the same time shakes us with a sense of joy and other positive emotions. It will prevent us from truly associating with others, in some cases blocking the love of entry and exit It prevents us from creating and achieving the desires of our hearts. Our heart is at the heart of who we are emotionally known to be the second brain that constantly sends messages to the whole body. After the removal of the heart wall, lives and lives of their children and families have changed completely.Removing the heart wall is very important, so it is a beautiful gift for overall healing and balance for all.
Open the door of life in full beauty and freedom.
Give yourself and your family members as well as your sweethearts.
Approximately 3-5 meetings are recommended as needed.

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